Fradel has been designing, creating and restoring sacred furnishings since 1986.
A wide range of products, even customized!

sacred furnishings since 1986

Fradel company of Sardella Alessandro, Andrea and Edoardo is present in sacred furnishings sector since 1986 when the founder Vittorio Sardella began to create its own line of religious articles.

Vittorio, chiseler since 1963, has continued his profession attending the Brera Academy, perfecting himself in artistic design and participating in goldsmith art competitions.

His sons, from 1993 Alessandro, from 1995 Andrea and subsequently Edoardo, continue the artistic and handicraft work respecting the Liturgy.

Fradel designs and manufactures religious articles in metal such as brass, bronze and silver within the company structure, using high quality raw materials.


In addition to the creation of new articles, Fradel also deal with the restoration of sacred metal articles of all kinds, maintaining their characteristics and respecting their origins. Should it be necessary, further repairs or replacement of damaged parts will be carried out during the restoration.

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